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Our economy is suffering and we’re all trying to save a buck trying to find the cheapest San Diego carpet cleaners to do the job right.  But, does the cheap we end up finding truly end up saving us money?  “Pay a dollar get a dollar” for something inferior!  So, how do we know if we don’t take the chance to find out right?

I’ve tried the more inexpensive carpet cleaners before, never thinking it would lead to a highly undesirable outcome. A friend suggested a location where things were cheaper. So, naturally I tried it. Checkout out times were longer, the service lacked and I had to package my own things. Stuff was a little more affordable but the quality definitely wasn’t there. One of the products I had purchased came with other things that shouldn’t have been there and… I won’t go into detail about that!

I know about all the scam techniques & frauds in the carpet cleaners market. Quick n dirty just to be able to be done with your job real quick because they have a quota to meet is a normality. But, who said hey were done? Did they just declare they were done on their own? What about all the water that was left behind on your wood floors? Was the non-green soap they used too heavy and abrasive, leaving their shoe prints behind to dry? You weren’t counting on all that residue were you? Nothing that even resembles zero residue in the least.

Some in the realm of scam have chosen the wrong path such as a Floor Buffer to re-distribute the dirt around the room while never extracting it & some have chosen the portable machine while leaving the dirty water behind in massive amounts. They haven’t the slightest clue as to what “fast drying” even is! The end result is not only a poor attempt at what they call Carpet Cleaning, but the client retention will simply not be there!

San Diego Carpet CleanersPaying double for anything does not make you a happy camper and making a dumb decision hurts even more. Maybe not enough time to research perhaps?? Being the major investment that your carpet is to you, you should try getting it cleaned right the first time. And I know that is easier said than done, but you don’t need a floor buffer guy to fray the tips of your carpet material and give it that worn look. That kind of damage is not reversible! And, you for sure don’t need a carpet that will re-soil prematurely in a about week or two…

Finding The Right Carpet Cleaner

Going with an experienced and dedicated locally owned company, owner operated to be exact that puts a guarantee on all of work he does is usually the best decision you could ever make. There are new carpet cleaners springing up all the time, especially during a recession that will jump on an opportunity to use your carpet for training aid purposes. If you trust in your homeowners insurance then it might be worth the gamble to you.

Quality is almost gone today and that is disturbing. You can see it all up in the carpet cleaning industry. From the marketing all the way down to the performance and work ethic. People are quick to just say that quality is a thing of the past while not having any clue as to what it is, nor what a guarantee might even be and that is sad. If carpet cleaning is just not that important to you then you shouldn’t even be worried about it. I just worry about how much all the new carpet cleaners that come into the game are going to continue to drag down the industry.

Does the carpet really need to cleaned under the big furniture? What if they just come in and bang stuff around and break my expensive things? What if their soap gets all over my wood floors and ruins it? If getting your carpets cleaned without the quality, because you are trying to skimp on price then be my guest. The results will be not all good and you will be left supremely disappointed to incur tremendous amounts if frustration and anxiety, all because you chose to go cheap. Get it done right the first time and set the mood for maintenance carpet cleaning done once every 6 months to a year without breaking the bank!  precision carpet care

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